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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Reliable Corporation at the International Quilt Market in Houston 2009

This post is for mature female audiences ONLY.
You may want to save this post to read when the husband and children are away or asleep. If you don't have a husband and/or children....jump right in!!!

You may want to pour a glass of wine and slip into a nice hot bath. Take a few cleansing breaths and ENJOY this post :)

You may remember my idea of Porn... The Scissor Man's Apron


Vacuum & Up Air Ironing Board by Reliable.

Let me tell you about my love affair with this ironing board. It all started at the Checker 61st Anniversary Open House. Art Garabedian was standing innocently in his booth demonstrating irons on a very nice ironing board. I think Art was wondering what it would take to make me happy because I liked the irons and the ironing board but I didn't seem quite satisfied. I want no wrinkles and everything to look like it came from the dry cleaners. Art explained the engineering behind getting those smooth crisp wrinkle free cloth which included a vacuum to remove the moisture from the fabric.

The secret of professional ironing revealed.
The “secret” to getting a clean-crisp finish to your garments? Your ironing table needs to have vacuum to remove the steam (it’s built right into the table). Plus, the ironing table needs to stay dry. The pros know this. For the C81 we add the “up-air” feature - we literally reverse the vacuum to create blowing so you can press on a cushion of air. Perfect for those delicate areas that are prone to show marks on the fabric (pocket area on pants, fly front, jacket lining, corduroy, velvet and so on... any area that if you pressed on a hard surface, it would leave an impression or crush the nap of the fabric).

I asked Art why he did not bring one of those boards to the show and he said Quilters don't seem to be interested. H,F & D (hell fire and damnation) I am a quilter and I'm interested!!! I told Art I would be in Houston and asked if he would bring The Board.

God Love Art....he brought The Board.

Oh yea I am surfing The Board. My heart was pounding out of my knees were weak and I felt butterflies in my stomach.

Look at this air flow!!! The board is getting bigger (I didn't just say that).

Can you see how the air fills up the top of the board?

A innocent piece of paper floats on top of The Board. I was having this board and nothing was going to stand in my way....not even Art Garabedian. As I gripped this baby and was attempting to satisfy my lust....that evil man grabbed the other end of the board and would not let go. I would have given him a karate chop and gotten the object of my desire but his wife was standing right there. Next time....I'm having NO mercy!!

We ended the fight with a nice photo. My hair looks like I was really having an experience with this ironing board but trust me it was only the humidity in Houston. Even though I talk a good story....I don't actually act out my lusty feelings in public!!! I'm sure you are glad to know that...ROFL.

This was a customer leaving at the end of the show Packing some serious Heat....perhaps that serious heat would work better than my karate!!!

If you too want to own one of these objects of desire (The Board)....e-mail me at and I can make an introduction.

Lusty Smiles and Grins,


  1. Love Love that ironing bored!! Cute post and GREAT blog!:)


  2. That board does look awesome....i will have to wait until I return to the states to buy someting of that nature.....Thanks for showing it and the information. You are one crazy lady...(in a good way)

  3. what a riot - sounds like you had a blast. Looks like an awesome board :)


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