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Friday, November 13, 2009

Checker that is what I call Customer Service

Rob Krieger is the owner of Checker Distributors.  I recently stopped to pick up and order and I saw Rob loading a customers car.  (You know a good Blogger never goes anywhere without a camera!!!)  The customers asked not to be photographed but Bob just smiled and let me take his photo. 
I like that kind of service.  A person....not a letterhead or name....a person...and a person who loads cars...the owner of a big company loading my attention.

Personal service is one of the most prized values a business owner/operator can have in my opinion.  No one....and I mean....NO ONE....should be so far out of touch or reach that if I come into their place of business or call their place of business that I can't speak to them or see them (always exceptions I know). 

This is how I operate.  My kitchen phone is available 9am to 9pm Mon-Sun.  If I'm here, I answer the phone!!!  I've had many of customers call on Friday evenings and were completely surprised that I answered the phone and helped them with their question or concern.  When I call someone to verify their order is correct I usually get a surprised voice on the other end of the phone.  News flash:  I'm in business to be of service to you.  If you buy something from me....I will guarantee 100% satisfaction and excellent customer service without exception.  I know I can't make everyone happy....but I can be 100% accountable for being of service and providing the best possible information I can find.

Most of you know I am the only full time "employee" here at IHAN.  My co-workers are 5 1/2 and 7 :) and I do it all.  I have three un-paid associates who cover my fanny and help with my product line.  Those ladies I refer to as my East Coast Connection.  I have an East Coast Operations Advisor and two Product Testers and Quality Control "Specialists." 

My goal at present is to grow my business and in doing so I've decided to carry a line of pre-cut fabrics.  The only fabric I stock by the yard is Roc-Lon Multi-Purpose Cloth.  You can check my website frequently for additions because as soon as they hit my door....they hit the website :)  I have recently added some great tools and products so if you have not visited I Have A Notion recently....might be a good time to stop over.

Part of growing my business is letting other potential customers know I am here and that I provide excellent customer service.  I don't pay for advertisement.   When people know I'm good at what I do and they trust me.....I will have all the business I can handle.  You can help me with that.  If you have purchased anything from me and would be willing to go to my website and leave a comment about your experience I would love it. You can just click here now to do that :)

Thanks for reading.....and.....stay tuned because I'm about to find out who won the Gift Package worth 200.00 for sending a box to American Samoa to help with the people affected by the Tsunami.



  1. I agree Customer Service is very important. It makes the shopping experience more pleasant, but I also enjoy the feeling that there is a "relationship" vs I just bought something from a store.

    And I love the GREAT Customer Service with IHAN. You are absolutely delightful to buy things from, offering super delightful customer service!

    And I'm happy to know Checker Distributors also provides great Customer Service.

    BTW, I love the bag that looks like a Laural Birch Tote. Hymm. Looks like another great Christmas gift idea for my cat loving friends!


  2. I agree about the customer service. We actually just denied ourselves a car loan bz the dealership approved it with a company that outsources customer service to another country. We know bz our last loan was through them. Customer service was horrible and we couldn't hardly understand them. When we'd say something they'd say "but...." and go right back to their script. We were then approved with a local bank at no problem. I appreciate the extra touch that you say you give. I have my eye on a few things but will probably need to wait until tax refund time to order them but I love looking over your blog! Cindy


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