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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Did you know I Have A Notion has a Gift Registry?

Since day one, there has been a gift registry at I Have A Notion and I'd like to invite you to stop by and register. Once you register all you have to do is drop me an e-mail to with the names and e-mail addresses of those you would like to inform that you are registered here. Can't get much easier. I can add a personalized card inside the package as well.

How about a some affordable gifts for your guild friends?  Send a box of silk to your dearest friend for the holidays and sit back and wait for the phone to ring!!!

Eleanor Burns

How about sending some great creative and artistic supplies for the nieces, nephews, grandkids who live out of state?

How about registering for the things you might not purchase for yourself but you would love to have as a gift?  Maybe these would strike your fancy:

(Call for pricing)

Check out "Great Gifts for the Holidays" if you need some more inspiration.
Special orders are required for items not listed on my website. If you would like a Tutto Sewing Machine Bag or Dream World Sewing Machine problem!!! I can do that too. You just need to let me know and I will do everything possible to get that special gift out to you or a friend.  You can call or e-mail for prices :)  Let me take the stress out of your holidays....I would appreciate doing that for you (and me :)!!!

Tutto Machine Bag

Dream World Sewing Table

Ohhhhh Yes Baby....I can do THE TABLE too!!!



  1. OOOH! I want that Table soooooo bad! I am gonna have to check out the registry and send the link to my hubby!
    You may have made me life a whole lot easier! Thank you!!

  2. That is awesome that you are doing that. The idea was suggested to my niece as well...and you just took it and ran with it...wonderful!!!

  3. I have several ideas for my "wish list" registry to share with my dear hubby & family. My hubby hates to go to stores at Christmas, so this is a great idea. Plus IHAN's prices are sew good!

    And while I've already bought some Christmas gifts from IHAN, I'll be doing some more shopping at IHAN soon. Your examples gave more more great gift ideas!

    Christmas shopping from your PC is so much fun, and the prices at IHAN are really great!


  4. You *HAD* to mention the Accuquilt... dint'cha? LOL!


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