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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I'm Here....I Think

"If it's not one thing it is another Arleen. I'm a tellin you girlfriend...." that is how my last few days have been. We only have access to four computers here at our house. Three of them have not gotten the Internet all day. This one is only working because it is "borrowing" the Internet from an unaware neighbor!!!

So...quick update. It is not my is an infection of the soft tissue. Antibiotics are supposed to clear it up. Still have pain...and now my tongue is but does not have sores...feels burnt like I drank hot coffee. So if any of you are medical geniuses....I'd appreciate a cure :)

Next post....MORE FUN :)



  1. your tongue is read and sore because you are getting an over growth of yeast from the antibiotics, plain yogurt or go to your health food store and get some liquid acidophiles and take it this will help a ton! HUGS! Carin


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