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Monday, November 9, 2009

Olfa Impresses Me Again at the International Quilt Market in Houston 2009

Olfa did not disappoint this year at Quilt Market. Once again I had an experience I did not expect. I had purposely gone through my rulers before I left for market. I have one ruler I really like but it is cracked (don't know who dropped it) and I wanted to find another one and learn more about the importance of choosing quality rulers.

I'm walking along and I see the Olfa Booth and I ask about the ruler I'm looking for. The gentleman, John Johnson, politely explains that the ruler I'm asking for is not made by Olfa. I know I checked specifically before I left the house and I could have sworn it was Olfa. Nope.....but was John rude or did he look at me like I was stupid, No. He was everything a gentleman could have been.

John asked me why I wanted that other ruler. I don't like rulers that slip and shift. He handed me an Olfa ruler and explained that the Olfa Frosted Rulers have a Non-Slip manufactured right into the acrylic so it does not peal or wear off. Once you put pressure on it it does not slip. I tried it and he was 100% correct (I hate to admit when a man is right....but he was!).

When the Olfa ruler is placed on busy fabric you can still see the measurement markings.

The lines on the marker are black....but.....
When they are placed against a dark background (my pants, lol) the lines still show up.

The circle on this ruler is a helpful guide when placing cool is that.

Heidi Severson was also at the Olfa booth. She was friendly and kind (gave me a little cool note pad to take my notes on....came in very handy since my notebook was huge...THANKS Heidi :).

I left the Olfa booth feeling smarter than I was before I walked up. I wasn't embarrassed because I had made a mistake and I learned some very interesting things.

Later in the show I came across a stranger looking for the Olfa booth. I told her right where it was and she said she was too tired to walk back to give them her order. Knowing the main purpose of Market is to educate and take orders, it was important to Olfa that the order got to them. I offered to walk her order to the Olfa booth for her and she was thrilled. Heidi and John were pleased I took the time to run the order to them. That was just my little way of saying Thanks to Olfa for helping me and educating I can pass this great information along to you.

I am in the process of adding more Olfa rulers to my website. In the meantime, I'd like to offer a great deal to my blog readers.

Blog Reader Special:

Olfa Rotary Cutter Retail 19.99....Your Price 9.00

5 Rotary Replacement Blades 45 mm Retail 31.99 Your price 14.00.

Just in time for some holiday stocking stuffers for those quilting and stitching girlfriends and man friends too!!

You must e-mail your order to in order to get this special pricing. Orders through the website will not be given this price special because it is for Blog Readers Only.

Please do not share this post with others or link to it. This is intended for regular readers of this blog only. Quantities are limited and when I'm sold out I will come back and post that the blades and Rotary Cutters are gone. I know it is tempting to share a great deal with all of your friends, but for this offer....lets keep this a secret among the IHAN readers only :) Please just purchase for yourself or for gifts. Maximum order on Rotary Cutters is 2 and Replacement Rotary Blades is 5.
Happy Olfa Smiles,


  1. I have some of the Olfa frosted rulers. They are wonderful. And your prices on your Olfa cutters and blades are fantastic. You are correct. Great stocking stuffers!


  2. I always leave your blog smiling!!

  3. Can you hold off your giveaway for a day or so, I just got some more packages and need time to go through them


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