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Friday, November 20, 2009

Response to the Accuquilt Go

Last night I took my Accuquilt Go to a guild meeting.  I showed several of the gals how nicely and easily it works.  I got lots of positive feedback.  The one thing everyone always says is, "well I still have to cut my fabric don't I?"  The answer to that is yes and no.

NO: You don't have to cut your fabric to fit on top of the dies.  It depends on what size piece you are starting with and what you want to do with it.  You can take a one yard cut and fold it to lay it over the dies for the strip cutter.  If you have scraps you want to use...don't pre-cut them...just lay them over the die and put it through the machine...and wahhhh lahhhh.

Yes: If the fabric you are using needs to be fussy cut or if you want to lay the fabric just a 1/4 inch overlapping the die blade.  Then you would need to pre-cut to the width you would be using. 

Consider this:  I just cut 140 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch squares for the I-Spy square swap that Karen did over at SewManyWays blog.  I cut 140 blocks using my ruler and rotary cutter.  It took me quite awhile.  I was very frustrated that no matter how well I looked at my ruler the blocks were not the exact same size.  I don't know why.  I had to re-cut some and some of that fabric was wasted.  So yes, you will have some waste....but there are very few projects where you don't have even a little waste.  It is all in how you want to work.  I truely find mundane repetitive cutting to be unpleasurable.  So if I want to just have the fun of sewing my strips, blocks, circles, hexagons and triangles I can get to the fun part faster. 

I never imagined myself buying the Accuquilt Go.  Honestly....and why....because I did not think I would use it enough to justify buying one.  Then I kept going back and looking at it...over and over.  I've had the privilege of using it several times at market and at shows.  I've decided it is worth my time and energy to own it and I've been really happy with how it works. 

The obvious thing about sewing notions are that no one really needs anything more than a pair of scissors, yard stick, needle and thread!!! That is what quilters used for many years and many still do. You don't "need" all these wiz bang notions. It is a choice for your own convience, comfort and budget. In order to get to the fun part I have chosen to use the sewing notions I really like and believe are worth the investment.

Everyone knows I would not recommend anything that I thought was not worth the money, RIGHT? RIGHT!!!  I'm saying this is worth every penny.   If you are even considering one...please call me (419-914-8080) and I'll tell you everything I know and some things I bet you'll be surprised by!!!   The call may be something you are Thankful for :)  Feel free to call and just say howdy anytime 9-9 CMT :)  If I'm in the middle of "working" with my might just have to talk to one of them for a minute!!! LOL 



  1. I too love AccuQuilt. And I'm now convinced it SAVES me money as I know use scraps that I truly would have tossed previously. Plus, I save so much time cutting and really enjoy cutting now! As they say, this product is better than sliced bread!

    I'm glad you shared at your guild too. I have so much fun giving demonstrations with my AccuQuilt. It is fun to see others get excited, plus answer questions from all those that haven't yet clicked on the value proposition of this cool product!


  2. Oh, you're really making me want one! LOL!


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