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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Bad Sunday....Good Sunday Evening

Recognize this oh so familiar hand? It typically is holding items in all of those IHAN photos.
Today this hand got poked a few times and the body it is attached to spent the day at St. Luke Hospital. The hand's nose hurt so bad this morning it decided it was time to head in for some relief. Diagnosis: That hand's nose has a bad sinus infection and something up the hand's nose that is blocking the sinus passage and causing swelling. IV antibiotics and pain medicine was kindly provided. Follow up tomorrow with an ENT to look over the results of the nose's CAT scan. The hand's bottom is sore from laying in a ER bed all day long. However....instead of a silver lining to this cloud....there is a GOLD lining....scroll down!!!

Hand arrives home to TIM TAMS. OMG....the neighbors when to OZ and as a gift for collecting their mail....they brought the hand these!!!! Hand grabbed those babies....ripped them open and has almost finished one package. Hand's butt is getting larger....but hand's mouth and tummy are extremely Happy!!!

For all of you who don't know what a Tim Tam is........get the girls from OZ to host a giveaway (SewPrimKhris...Gum Tree Designers...just to name drop a few)....Tim Tam Giveaway....or threaten to boycott their blogs!!!! You'll be soooo glad you did. Or if you are feeling kind....offer a swap...One Caret Diamond Earrings for Three Packages of Tim Tams....that would be a fair trade in my book....especially the week that Cousin Vinnie comes to visit every month.


  1. crack me up girl...okay okay..I reckon I can host a TIM TAM GIVE AWAY....why not...I love all my US friends and are more than happy to please....hugssss Khris
    p.s. I will never say no to one caret diamond

  2. Kelly you are a hoot! I hope your feeling better and that nothing drastic is required for you sinuses.
    I haven't had Tim Tams from OZ but Club biscuits from England are to die for :O)

  3. So sorry your not feeling well, hope it is a simple fix.

  4. I hope you're feeling better soon. Tim Tams will fix most things - have you tried a Tim Tam Slam? Take a small bite from opposite corners of the biscuit and use it as a straw with your coffee (or hot chocolate); then slam the molten biscuit into your mouth FAST before it disintegrates! Maybe I'd better include TimTams in my next giveaway, too.

  5. I do hope you are feeling fun getting poked and prodded.

  6. Hope you are feeling better and good luck today at the Dr.

  7. Oh my goodness Kelly, I hope you are doing better today. Not a fun weekend :-(

  8. I hope hand is feeling better real soon! Luckily Tim Tams are necessary for good health.

  9. I'm amazed you still have a sense of humor when you are not feeling 100%. Sorry to hear you spent the day in ER. But happy to hear you received some nice treats from OZ. Hope you feel better soon and your hand doesn't get poked, ever again!

    Maybe your hand will feel better playing with some new fabric!


  10. Bless your hand and heart - and all other appropriate parts! Hurry better!!

  11. Hugs to the hand... gentle ones...

    Tim Tams... OMG, those are sooooo good!

  12. I hope you are feeling better soon:) Take care thinking of you...Jenna Louise

  13. What!!! I don't hit the blogs for three days and you do this!! You need to get that hand under control!! It's a bad hand!! Shame!!
    Woman!!! It is high time you got to feeling better, you have been sick waaaayyyy toooooo long! ((((((hugs))))))

  14. I hope you are feeling much better today.

    Tim Tams are the best!!!!!

    Did you know the definition of a balanced diet is...........a packet of Tim each hand!!


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