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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

When the going gets tough....the tough....

eat Tiramisu, oh yea baby!!!  Look at this lovely gift my husband brought home tonight at 9:30.....isn't she a beauty? 

This is just the way to end one of "those" days.  Yesterday I had Zach to the doctor's office with an ear infection, congestion and croup like cough.  Today I get a call from the school nurse that Aaron has pink eye and to come and get him. 

Last night Rick worked late and tonight he had to go to dinner with co-workers.   Just as he pulls out the driveway on his way to dinner I yell...."how about ordering Terimisu for dessert tonight and pretend you can't finish it" (bring it on to Mamma baby).  He must have been feeling very sick...because he didn't even take a bite.  I would eat every last bite but I'm worried I won't sleep and I really have to sleep in order to stay healthy myself. 

On another topic:
 I am learning quickly all that I don't know about computers and Kathy (her story next) said if I knew how much of a "techno idiot" she was I'd feel better. I want a bumper sticker that says Techno Idiot On Board. I was laughed at by my webmaster and her partner....why....because she wanted to see what I was talking about on my screen. So, I took my digital camera and snapped a pix of the screen and sent it to her. She and Gene laughed themselves silly. Guess there is a computer way to do that....who would know? I'm a Dinosaur....Techno Dinosaur.....and I'm accepting of myself!!! Don't go rolling your eyes....I bet most of you are in the same boat.....speaking of boats they still have ores or are there some new electronic thingy-mo-bobs to take care of that too?

Ok....I just checked Techno-Dinosaur....yep....there is a blog called Techno-Dinosaur....there goes my next blog adventure....taken by a stranger.....LOL. 



  1. I'm sitting here eating Breyers Chocolate ice cream, I'm not thinking at all about the restless sleep!! YOU are the smart one!!

    That Tiramius looks - YUM!!!! Hope the kids get to feeling better really soon, it's too close to Thanksgiving to be sick.

    And you know I am right there with ya on the computer stuff!! Most of the time I just get plan irritated with it, and that is never a good thing! haha!

  2. Yum~ that looks good! What a nice hubby you have! I hope your kiddo's get to feeling better soon too!

    As for computers~ I'm a work in progress, but I do know how to capture a copy of the screen~ its one of those rarely used (by me, at least) buttons at the top of the keyboard. Usually my DD or DS teach me what to do. ;)

  3. What a sweet husband and it looks soooooooooooooooooo good.

  4. Okay Kelly, I AM in the same boat. My son talked to me on the phone one time and told me to let go of the computer mouse. All of a sudden the cuser started moving AND I WAS NOT DOING IT!! Oh yes, I am not computer savvy, at ALL!

  5. ummm, you mean wasn't it a beauty. That would have lasted five minutes in my house... not even long enough for a


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