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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Show me the Love....and the Money....but the Greenies???

This is exactly why I love my blog.  I have the wonderful opportunity to meet people from all over the world that I would have never gotten a chance to meet otherwise.  I have felt more alive and full of joy since I started this blog and business and it is all because of the people I have met.  Check this out: 

I was expecting a check from Joanne but certainly not a box.  First thing I did was listen to make sure I did not hear any puppy sounds or any ticking.  Next I checked for white powder leaking out the side....nope.  So....I opened the box.  For the life of me I could not even imagine why she would have sent me a box.  Then:

This was what was in the box:

A wonderful Green Boogie Family.  My joy level shot up sky high.  This is exactly the type of humor and fun that tickles me.  If you don't read regularly you may not know that my co-workers and I have had this mucus thing on and off for over 6 weeks now.  So apropo.

Posted by the bag I found this...Chocolate Chip Biscotti.  My first thought was I'm sure she sent more and those green boogies ate my biscotti.  Then I figured she really loves me and knows I don't have any self control so she only sent that is LOVE. 

While I was having all these thoughts the phone rang and it was Rick.  He was coming home for lunch.  I was just in the midst of eating the biscotti and having a cup of General Foods International Coffee-Vanilla Bean Latte (free samples given out at a guild meeting).  I could hear music playing ,....I think it was the harps of the angels....then the devil spoke up and said...." better eat that last biscotti fast before Rick gets home and sees it."  My reply, "oh Rick is going to love this so I'm saving this one last piece for him." 

I realize this is not enough to get me to heaven....but that's ok....because I've been having some heaven right here and I truly appreciate the thought and sweetness.  To you they may be just a bunch of green boogies.....but to me....they are cherished family members that will have lots of fun travels.

Thank You Joanne!!!!  And Thank You to everyone who takes the time to leave comments and e-mails.  I appreciate the effort and it feels more like a conversation that just a one sided publication.  It gives this place we meet called - I Have A Notion Blogspot- into a fun place filled with joy and kindness.  Can't beat that, not even with a big stick :)

Huge Smiles,


  1. How nice of her to send you the box. The musinex family is cute. I have had that same problem you and your family have had and it does stay a long time. UGH! Mine is going on 2 weeks now.

  2. LOL your new family is cute! Those commercials are always very clever. Hope y'all are feeling better and sent the real Mr Mucus packing. :-)

  3. Love your new family. What a fun package :)

  4. It looks like she sent enough for you to pass them around the office to those who are afflicted! Too funny for words.

  5. What a great surprise! I mean the biscotti, not the green boogies ;-) Surely they won't be bringing more "stuff" with them. Very sweet of Joanne. We are all experiencing so much to be thankful for!


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