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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Suffering in Tioga County

This is one scary hostage situation here.  The CEO was held captive in a room covered in Quilt many Best of Show, Judges Choice, Viewers Choice, First Place and Best Visible that is pure torture.  Forced to use a Bernina 820 (basically means several steps above the machine I own) and eat coffee cake for breakfast.  Please don't send out the FBI.....unless they bring Robert Redford with them!!!

These are just a few of the East Coast Directors ribbons....she has box after box stashed in the attic.

Forced to watch as these beautiful hand made items get priced for a Holiday Art and Craft Show being held at the IHAN East Coast Headquarers on Dec. 4th and 5th.

Then.....after suffering like this she was escorted out and placed into a Chrysler Pacifica with dark windows and taken to another undisclosed location. 

When she arrived....this woman, who goes by Anne, forced her to look at this beautiful new jacket she has made and suffered with the company of 10 of the most fun ladies in Tioga County.  It was just terrible....then came the forcing of the pumpkin cheese cake....oh the pain and horror.

Those little green men are following her around....she can't shake them.  It is like a terrible nightmare.

The woman, who goes by the name of Anne, forced a Flat Stanley upon her.  The requirements of the Flat Stanley are that he has to travel and gather experiences and some suveniers and trinkets and be returned to a little fella by the name of Sam (Sam does not know anyone who lives outside his town-truth).  The CEO will take FS back to OH and then look for one wonderful person to take possession of him and quickly return him to PA via USPS.  Need one volunteer.

Aaaahhhhhh then they wiped off her beautiful makeup and flattened down her hair and stuck her into a photo......between Kay and Anne.  Should you ever be tortured like this....SMILE!!!

Very Happy Smiles,


  1. The FBI and the CSI are on the trail of these green boogie monsters that are holding our esteem CEO of IHAN hostage. I have confidence the FBI & CSI will rescue her safely, but most likely after she has been forced fed a yummy Thanksgiving dinner.


  2. Kelly, Where were you in Tioga County?? NY or PA??? I live across the street from Tioga County NY!(in Bradford Co. PA). Hope you had a wonderful time and that Flat Stanley enjoys his time with you!

  3. I was really frightened for you for a while really had it sympathies....(can I be you?)

  4. Send me flat Stanley, with 4 kids we have had our share...looks like you are having way too much fun! Have a happy Thanksgiving.

  5. looks like major torture... LOL!
    Have a wonderful holiday! try to enjoy it...LOL!


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