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Monday, September 28, 2009

Busy Weekend

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend. I was participating in a Women's Business Expo and I have not been able to figure out how to leave that post on top and then have my daily posts I just did not publish a blog entry. Guess I better learn some new tricks here soon.

Today was my day with Zach. We try to have one on one time with each of the boys weekly. Today Zach wanted to go to Chuckey Cheese. Here he is in all of his glory....happy as a lark. We had a great time.

This is a project I've been working on. It is going to be a business card holder that I'm going to be giving as a gift. I'm not very confident about my color choices and beading. I've played with the lay out over and over and over. So I thought I would post a photo and see what everyone else thinks. Do you like it? What changes would you make if any? Some of them are not sewn on you can see. I just want to get some feedback so I can feel confident about sewing on the rest of the beads.

Please leave me a comment with your advise....I certainly appreciate all the tips I can get :)




  1. Cute one in the box....

    I don't do beads and as far as I can tell, looks awesome.....

  2. Love the colors!! Can you make one for me next, please? lol!! Chuckie Cheese!! You are a good grandma!

  3. Looks great so far. Your choice of beads ...GREAT! Keep on going. Linda

  4. The color choice is wonderful and your bead embellishment looks awesome! Continue on and get it finished!

  5. Your beads are perfect!! What a great idea!


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