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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Resuscitating Sue S.

Resuscitating Sue S.
Today my post is not about sewing, stitching, giveaways.....I want to share the experience I had yesterday with you.
I pride myself on using all recycled boxes and bubble wrap for my business (unless priority post is needed). I get some of my boxes at the recycle center where I take my things. Yesterday I happened to look into the paper bin and what I saw shocked me. Someone had dumped Sue S.' paper life into the dumpster. There were check books, life insurance policies, car titles, rental agreements, previous years tax name it and it was in there. I imagine this person has passed away and whom ever is taking care of her "business" felt it necessary to put it into the recycle bin.
These were some of the things I felt necessary to "save":

I pushed all of her personal data to the back of the bin and attempted to cover it up with other newspapers. I could not help but take these items and some letters that were hand written. I feel sort of dirty taking them on one hand....on the other I feel like I've resuscitated a part of Sue that did not die (as I am assuming).
The journal is a cookbook. There are lots of hand written recipes dating back to 1916. The pages have flour and sugar inside stuck to some of the pages. I could not just let that go....I'm not sure why....but somehow I felt it had to be saved. I sort of felt panicked in a this ladies life was about to be made into more paper without any of her history being preserved. Isn't there someone to whom cares about this woman today? I don't know....perhaps I'll find out....perhaps I won't.
Interesting isn't it?


  1. I have always wondered how some people can give away their family's history. Whether it be furniture, paperwork or quilts. My house is a 'shrine' to my relative's past. Maybe I go too far the other way but I love seeing these things everyday. I guess the ones who threw this stuff away are not worried about her identity being stolen. I think you did a very nice thing saving some of those things. Love those pictures and maybe there will be a good recipe or two in the cookbook.

  2. I think I would have felt the same way you is so sad that someone just dumped her life in the garbage. Are you going to try some of the recepies?

  3. I'll bet that cookbook has some tasty bits of wisdom.

  4. I would have taken them too. Maybe you can make a quilt in tribute to her and give it to a needy child. You could photocopy the photos and recipes onto fabric.

  5. This makes me sad to think someone would just throw away a persons history. I certainly don't think I need to be "memorialized" in any way when I go to the big quilt in the sky, but I do hope my history is treasured. I too would like to know if you plan on trying any of the recipes?

  6. Wow, you did a good thing finding this stuff. Sad that whomever threw it away and presumably knew Susan, didn't want to keep it.

  7. Kelly, this brought tears to my eyes. You are an angel for rescuing her memories. In contrast to this, my family fought over who got my Aunt's journal which just listed the "tweets" from her everyday life. To look at a page with my Aunt's writing with just single-line notes about the weather, the temperature and what she spent on groceries would make my heart sing. This woman's family is heartless. Every quilter probably will gasp at seeing your post since our call to arms is, "When this you see, remember me!" Bless you.


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