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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

"I'm Coming Out"

This is a video of my "first real day off" (had plans Monday). Both boys were at school and I'm free to express my "real" self. I was on stage singing "I'm Coming Out" by Diana Ross. So even though this YouTube video looks just like Bionce' it is "really" me (stretching the truth again...just a little!).

So here I am strutting around my living room and these are the photos of the proof that I'm coming out. First, I avoided clearing off the kitchen table after breakfast.

Lego's I've avoided picking up.

Next I plopped my sexy Bionce' butt down on the sofa and I turned on the TV. What was Dr. Phil's topic today? Stressed Out To The Max

Dr. Phil and his guests give tips for dealing with stress, anxiety and depression. Go over (click on the link) and read what they had to say. I really enjoyed listening to the show and seeing the folks share their story. Did I learn anything new? NOPE....not one thing. Did I need to hear it? YES! Life really is very simple....much more simple than I make it. However, it is not easy. NOPE....not easy!!!

Everyone tells me to "take a break, rest and do nothing." Usually I run from sun up until sun down and drop in the bed and wake up running again. I'm stressed out. So, I'm going to slooooowwwww down.....relax, breath and reflect more frequently on the joy in my life. (You know if I really looked like Bionce' I would be walking very slow by the mirror and breathing (my husband might breath really deep....then fall over) while I checked out my reflection right?)

So I'm going to be taking better care of myself....I'm actually going to take a shower tonight before bed!! I'm going back to the gym on a regular basis (I lost 35 lbs a year and a half ago...I've gained a few back...yikes). I'm going back to eating 5 servings of veggies every day. I'm going to spend more time "being" with my children instead of "doing" with my children.

What are you going to do to reduce your stress and focus on the joy in your life today?

Bionce' Hot Hot Hot Smiles,



  1. Kelly....
    I love it! I'm going to bed and relieve some stress of this very long day! Check you out later!

  2. The whole first part of your post is hilarious! It sure reduced my stress, just reading it. And I am glad you are going to do some things to take better care of yourself. This last bout of getting sick, sure had me taking vitamins and reexamining the way I treat myself. It's important!

  3. This was great, Bionce is a wonderful performer, and even though I'm 55 I will always rock! I find that music relieves stress alot.
    But, I like my audio books the best. I just download a book onto my MP3 and listen as I do housework, sew, etc.

  4. Good for you! That lego will be back there in a jiffy anyway... and washing up is more economical if you get a decent pile together first!

    Go for it! My plan entirely... (although I never QUITE get to it... mmmm) :-)


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