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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Just Needed a Break :)

Seriously now, see what happens to me when I get a break? Danger Will Robinson, Danger!!

Life imitates art this morning. My boys got up extra early and were playing with their marble game. I'm in the kitchen posting to my blog. The boys come in and I showed them the Bionce' video and told them that is what I did when they went to school yesterday. I had two little fellas, 5 and 6, standing next to me with the biggest smiles. Each of them believed me. I'm not kidding. Then I said, "Come on now, does Momma look like that?" Aaron said, "yes." They honestly both believed that was me. You just gotta love little people ay?

I promise to get back to stitching talk...and news. But this little break has been a ball.


1 comment:

  1. That is funny that you showed them the video! (laughing) They are still at an age where you can do that. Enjoy it! My 15 year old son would give me such a hard time about something like that...he has no appreciation for his mom's warped sense of humor anymore (sniffling). Wait 'til he gets to be my age!


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