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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

We have a winner in the Roc-Lon Multi-Purpose Fabric Challenge

Before the winner is announced (sorry for the late issues:) I will finally divulge the exact prizes the winner will receive. AND....there will be another prize....Viewers Choice Award. Everyone can vote on their favorite entry by e-mailing me at with your vote. I will keep track of all the votes and the winner will get a different prize pack. I'm not telling what yet.....I have to keep you guessing right?

Ok....the Winner, selected by Roc-Lon Industries, gets:

5 yards of 54" Roc-Lon Multi-Purpose Cloth, 3 yards of 107/108" Roc-Lon Star Pattern Cheater Cloth, 2 yards 44/45" Roc-Lon Light Tea-dyed Muslin, and 2 yds Roc-Lon 108" Solid Brown - 100% Cotton, and a Surprise Gift Package from

The Surprise Gifts:
An autographed book by Shelly Stokes, "Paintstiks on Fabric" and a set of Paintstik Minis!!!

An autographed book by Ellen Highsmith Silver, "Floorquilts"!!!

Amy Anderson of "ModPodgeRocks" blog is giving a gift assortment of Mod Podge formulas!!!
I don't have a photo to put here....but you've been living under a huge rock if you don't know about ModPodge!!!
This entire challenge was just an idea I had. I want to thank Cynthia VanFleet from Roc-Lon Industries for allowing me to do this challenge.
Huge thanks to Shelly Stokes, Ellen Highsmith Silver and Amy Anderson!!! I did not buy these items.....they graciously gave them to me for the winner of the this challenge. Please be sure to stop by their sites and thank them for being such wonderful and talented ladies!!!
A really huge thanks to everyone who submitted entries!!
It was great fun!!! Don't forget to vote!!! Viewers choice votes must be received by Friday, September 11th.

1 comment:

  1. OOOh! Nice prize package! The suspense is killing me! Where do we go to see the entries?


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