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Friday, September 18, 2009

Want to be moved?

I can't find the way to embed this video yet so I'll let you click here to see it. It is from the Green Fairy Quilts Charity trip 2009. Judi and Clint just got back from Romania. Though you might be moved....I certainly was.

I just want to share with all of you how I got involved raising a little bit of money for Judi and Clint. It was totally by chance that I saw a "giveaway" notice someplace and it was for a jelly roll and a pattern. It looked nice so I entered the giveaway. Someplace I saw the "Green Fairy Charity" on her site or blog...don't know which. I was curious so I clicked on it. I thought it was nice...and nothing more....until I saw that 100% of the donations go directly to the people and children in Romania. Before that time I had never seen a charity where 100% of the money went to the people/purpose it was being given to.

I e-mailed Judi and asked if it was indeed true...were they a registered charity and did 100% of the money go to the purpose stated. She said yes and showed me where the registrations for the charity were documented at the State and Federal levels.

Then I asked how she got started and were they involved in a larger program of some sort. Judi said she was watching Oprah one day and Oprah said you can make a difference just do what you love....or something to that effect. Judi likes to quilt so she started there. Now there has been two trips to Romania....and it was that simple. Not easy at all....but certainly simple to do what they love and to offer those gifts to others.

I was already planning a garage sale to reduce the clutter around here. I had the idea to ask other folks if they had a box or bag of unwanted items they could donate it and I would sell it at the garage sale. I just e-mailed neighbors and friends and asked them to send the e-mail along to anyone they thought might be interested. The things that were donated raised 572.00. It was simple.....just an idea....not easy....but pretty darn low tech and simple.



  1. Yep, that simple...amazing.... I have already been to her site and yep...not a dry eye here. I think you found her on my site because I remember emailing you back and forth about her charity....I just love Green Fairy so much and are right up there too..

  2. What a great charity! What a great idea for your yard sale, too!


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