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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Roc-Lon Challenge Photos and Winner Announcement

So you ask what can you make with an 8 1/2" x 11" piece of Multi-Purpose Cloth from Roc-Lon Industries? Well let me show you what 13 talented and fun loving folks did with their cloth. I'm up loading these in no particular order:

Submitted by Diane G. I also uploaded the close up for everyone to enjoy.

Diane said, "I loved working on this! Thank you so much for the opportunity. I had a blast! I wanted to try as many techniques as possible on this cloth! The basic design was painted with water color paints. I didn't Gesso it and it blended into a nice, watery effect. Next was thread painting! My machine easily stitched thru the fabric. I decided to try hand beading, and found the really tiny quilting needle went effortlessly thru the fabric with the beads. Of course, appliqué was an option, and I appliquéd the ladybug with fusible web, and then stitched down a butterfly in the center to create a 3D effect with the wings standing up. It looked like it needed a border, so I stitched a black bias on the edges. I was surprised it stitched so easily. I plan to glue this to a journal or photo album. I'd like to know where to buy this locally; I plan to do some orange-ish backgrounds with black/brown tree silhouettes for Fall and attach it to a jean jacket back! I can think of many uses for this."

For those of you who missed my post, this is the booty I made. I was not entered in the challenge. I just wanted to take the challenge too :)
Submitted by Lacey Hill.
Lacey's description, " Attached is my 20 minute Mug Rug. I printed my website background graphics onto the Roc-lon - both side. Created the 4” circles with my Circles & More Ruler and used my Sizzling Circle technique to finish it off."
Picture entered by Linda S. (CraftyLady).

Linda said, "I thought I had to keep the paper the same size so I didn't make it very dimensional. I did stamp it, painted on it cut it, embossed it, and sewed it. I added fabric ,glitter, glue, brads, beads, yarn and paper. I cut it to see how easy it was to sew pieces onto and if it could be manipulated to become a raised surface.

I found all of the techniques and extras worked. I did have some slight rippling with the heat from the embossing. The fabric was sturdy and manipulative, easy to sew on and paint on. It would be good as a canvas for painters and sculpting would be easy as it can be glued and sewn. The color could easily be changed by using a variety of types of paint.

I thoroughly enjoyed this creative experience and would use the fabric for future creative endeavors....possibly jewelry, sculpting or painting."

Submitted by Catherine Elliott.
Catherine said, "I made a little puppet theater with my piece of Roc-Lon multi-Purpose cloth. I cut a hole in the cloth (Love the no fray cuts!)
I used acrylic paint, sewed a fabric house around it, and used clothespins for legs to make it stand up. Of course, I had to make a few clothespin puppets to star in the show!"

Submitted by Julia Wood.

Julia's description, "Here's what I did with my fabric, which I am now in love with. So many possibilities! After sewing the star, I painted it with Setacolor Paints."

Julia sent me another e-mail and I thought I would share her thoughts about this fabric.

"Yes, you have changed my life! I'm so glad I happened upon your blog and the challenge. This stuff is WONDERFUL! It has so much body, yet it's so soft at the same time. I hope it's okay that for my project, I've cut it in pieces and sewed them together. I love that it doesn't fray, too."

I think Julia really likes the cloth!!! I'm so glad I'm not alone :)

Submitted by Marsha Randles.

Marsha said, "Since this material doesn't fray, I did a 'stain glass' look. I cut out all the petal and leaf areas on the sunflower and then backed it with the yellow fabric and sewed down the middle of the "lead part". I also cut the leading apart from the sky and then fused the 2 pieces back together. I colored the leading black with rubber stamping ink. The center of the flower I cut slits in the fabric and then wove material strips and floss. The sky is painted, stamped, and splattered. It was fun to put some techniques together and see how then come out. I think this material could work well for easy stain glass window quilt work. And to explore weaving."

Submitted by Terri Stegmiller.
Terri said, "I was able to create two coffee cup sleeves from the sheet of Roc-lon that was sent to me. I cut the shape from the Roc-lon, drew a design with pencil, and painted with acrylic paint. One photo shows the sleeves flat, before they were stitched. I zigzag stitched the two ends together to form the sleeve."

Submitted by Joan Watkins.

Joan said, "Here are pictures of the tray I made using Roc-Lon.
It is crazy pieced, machine embroidered, zig-zagged edge, with black webbing stitched to the outside. Roc-Lon was really easy to work with!"

Submitted by Jocelyn Pleus. She posted the entire process on her blog, Happy Cottage Quilter.
Submitted by Sue Bleiweiss.

Sue's description, "I painted some roc-lon with Goldens Fluid Acrylic in Bone Black. When it was dry a 3"x8" piece was cut off and set aside. On the rest I applied a layer of black Mistyfuse and fused on some copper textile foil. Two strips were cut from the foiled piece and stitched to the base piece, beading was added and then the whole piece was fused to a piece of black ultrasuede and additional stitching was added around the outer edges of the cuff. The cuff closes with a metallic clasp and measures 1 3/4" x 7". "

Both of these were submitted by Vickie Collier.
Vickie's description, "After lots of thought I really wanted to try as much as I could with this fabric
First I made a table centre piece out of some lovely Ginger Blossom fabric by Sandi Henderson for michael miller
I then photographed the mat and printed in on the Roc-Lon..and trimmed all edges with pinking shears
Then I machine sewed the zip in...
I hole punched the long sides and twisty threaded a green ribbon thru....
turned it inside out and machine sewed the corners across to form bottom boxing...
I hand sewed the strap and added some bling....then popped a bling zip pull on the zip..
Thank you so much for the opportunity to try something new..
I'm happy that I managed too use the Roc-Lon in several forms of craft(so to speak)"

Submitted by Sheila Painter.

Sheila's description, "Using Jinny Beyer/RJR fabric, I fussy-cut the borders and motifs to create the rug design, mitering the corners. I machine sewed and glued, and was pleased how easy the multi-purpose cloth was to work with. I made the rug 'fringe' by painstakingly by-hand removing the warp threads from fabric strips."

And the winner chosen by Roc-Lon Industries is:
Marsha Randles' Sunflower!!!
Congratulations Marsha!!!
What did Marsha win? (where is Carol Merrill when you need her anyway?)

5 yards of 54" Roc-Lon Multi-Purpose Cloth, 3 yards of 107/108" Roc-Lon Star Pattern Cheater Cloth, 2 yards 44/45" Roc-Lon Light Tea-dyed Muslin, and 2 yds Roc-Lon 108" Solid Brown - 100% Cotton, and a Surprise Gift Package from More on the Surprise Gift Package on the next post :)




  1. All are absolutely beautiful. Amazing. Inspirational.

    Thanks to all that entered and shared. Congratulations to the winners!


  2. congrats Marsha well done indeed.

  3. I sure am glad that I wasn't the one who had to select a winner...all of the entries are AMAZING! Congratulations to Marsha!

  4. Really great submissions. All of them. So innovative. This fabric has me now piqued my curiousity...I really have to buy some just to explore some of the possibilities!

  5. That is my MOM!!! congrats

  6. Really difficult to pick my favorite, but I guess I'd pick the lst one shown: Floral by Diane G.

    But again, they are all beautiful.


  7. They are all great but I have to say I really like that bag by Vickie Collier

  8. I love Marsha's Sunflower! It's awesome.

  9. I really love the copper cuff Sue Bleiweiss made

  10. They are all fantastic! I love the piece of professional looking.

  11. My vote is for Diane Giveins' flower!


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